For wedding, portraits, seniors and school & sports work, Allied’s quality and service is second to none in the industry. Every file is individually color and density corrected by our craftsmen to insure the highest quality and consistency throughout your order. We offer print sizes from wallets to 20x30 on photographic and up to 40x60 on high quality ink jet media with archival pigmented inks and substrate.


We print exclusively on Kodak Endura Media and process in Kodak Chemicals. All our printing is handled digitally from scanned negative or digital camera files on a Noritsu Laser Printer or a Kodak LED Color Printer, both produce the highest quality photographic output available today.


All film images that are scanned on our "State of the Art" Kodak HR 500 film scanners are run through a process called "ICE"; Image Correction and Enhancement, to remove dust particles. What does this mean to you? Proofs and prints that are free from dust and defects. No dust spotting means faster through-put and a quicker turnaround time. The benefit to you? Orders back to your customer in less time, increasing your cash-flow.


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Large-Format Printing

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