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Here at Allied Color labs customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We pride ourselves on quality, service and innovation, offering a variety of products at the best possible prices. As a professional digital photo lab, with more than 50 years of experience, we guarantee professional results for the professional photographer.


Located in Central NJ, we have been servicing the tri-state professional photographer since 1960. Passed down through 3 generations, photographic and digital printing has been our lifelong passion. With modern technology at hand and numerous years in the field, we offer the highest quality products for the most competitive price.


With nearly 35 years in the printing industry and a BS degree in photographic printing from the Rochester Institute of Technology, President and CEO of Allied, Stephen Denaro, is there to guarantee you receive the highest quality products available on the market. He stands behind everything he does and believes integrity, customer service and satisfaction are the most important aspects of our company."Photography is important, because there is nothing like a still image. Unlike any other media, a printed photograph captures a moment in time, a cherished memory. There is nothing more powerful than that."


Stephen understands the industry is changing and he has been adapting with it since the age of film. When asked about today's era of digital media, the Print Ace stands unscathed. "Even with the advances of modern technology, there is nothing like receiving a photograph or card that is tangible; something that you can hold in your hand. Images on a computer screen or iPad will never have the same effect as all of our printed products."


Here at Allied, we are constantly developing new ideas and products for displaying and enjoying all of your photographic memories. His commitment to the future of printing on recycled papers and remaining conscientious of our environment is one he strongly stands by. "The printing industry must continue on, but we must also be responsible for what we are printing on."


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